3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang Village…Mid Week

Yesterday was an amazing day for Mustang Village.  Girls spent the entire morning at the barn riding and working with their horses.  They are doing an excellent job and are really gaining a sense of understanding of their new horses.  Each girl has their own horse and has been assigned to a lesson group based on their skill level.  Our outstanding instructors are planning activities for each day to teach girls all about horses!  Lunch was hamburgers and veggie burgers (a camp favorite) and the afternoon was warm and humid which was perfect for waterfront.

Mustang girls reached new heights at the climbing tower where they had the opportunity to try our 50 foot “Y Tower”.  Every girl received support and encouragement from the staff to climb as high as they could!  They really gained a sense of accomplishment as many of them were nervous to try the tower at the beginning.

A hike to beautiful High Falls ended the day.  The giant waterfall was really moving with the huge volume of rain we have received in the last few weeks.  However the evening was perfect for the hike outdoors and all of the girls were eagerly taking photos to show you when they return home. 

It’s hard to believe the week is more than half way over.  We are going to cram as much fun into the last two days as we possibly can.  The girls say they wish they were staying for more than a week, as they have just about got the hang of the routine and are ready to really start enjoying camp!



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