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Mustang Village Ready for Week 2!

It’s hard to believe that Mustang Village session 3 is more than half way over.  The week has been a blur of activity at the barn and all throughout the camp.  The girls have been doing such an amazing job and we are so proud when they try new things.  Showing their artistic skill in Arts & Crafts.  Reaching new heights at the climbing tower.  Building new friendships and bonding with their bunk mates.  Improving their horse skills both on the ground and in the saddle.

All of the girls are ready for another action packed week.  Saturday was packed with activity as the girls tried their hand at bareback riding.  This means they sit directly on their horses back without the assistance of a saddle.  It is a challenging and rewarding experience for all of the girls.  They also painted horses and had their own faces painted as well.  After lunch there was a stray afternoon shower, but it couldn’t discourage a Mustang tradition of greased watermelon.  Picture 26 girls and the staff scrambling to move watermelons covered in Crisco from one side of the waterfront to the other.  It is a silly, and fun way for the girls and staff to burn off some extra energy.  After showers and rest time, they had dinner and enjoyed a night hike.  We love night hikes as they teach girls all about what happens in the forest after dark.  Sunday at Frost Valley is a relaxing day where the girls have the opportunity to sleep in, enjoy brunch in the dining hall.  There are quiet games and activities that are designed to help the girls rest and gear up for another action packed week.

Today the girls were heading out on trail rides with the horses.  The staff guide them on a ride through the woods.  It is a great challenge to try handling your horse outside of the arena.  This empowers the girls to put all of their riding skills into practice.  We are loving this session and every one of our girls!



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