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Mustang Village Settles in and Having a Blast!

Mustang Village had an amazing afternoon at the barn yesterday.  They were all broken into their new lesson groups, and assigned their horses for the session.  Now all they have to do is relax and enjoy themselves at the barn.  It was a warm and breezy afternoon which was ideal for riding.  Everyone was lathered up with sunscreen and headed out for a variety of classes on horse health and care.  They wrapped up the end of the day at the barn with chores and turnout, which helps to teach the girls that taking care of horses is actually a big responsibility!

After dinner Mustang Village headed out for an evening hike to High Falls.  The girls laughed and played games along the way until the reached the trail down in to the waterfall.  It is a beautiful hike along side a high falls brook which concludes at a platform just below the waterfall.  It was a beautiful sight and many of the girls asked if they could go back again sometime during the session.

Today is another warm day in the valley but a trip to waterfront first thing helped to set the mood for the day.  The trampoline, swim sections, and canoes were the popular activities as the girls explored all of their options at waterfront.  After their swim time the girls headed back to have a banana boat feast for one of our campers birthdays.  In case you are not familiar with a banana boat…it is pretty much every campers favorite snack.  You take a piece of foil, and cut a banana length wise and place inside the foil.  Then you cover the banana with chocolate chips and marshmallows.  Once your banana is covered in goodies you fold up the foil and place the whole thing on the campfire for a few minutes.  Then a staff member removed your banana pouch from the fire and helps you open it.  Inside is a banana covered with warm and gooey chocolate and melted marshmallow.  It is a feast fit for a Queen!

Only to make the morning even more fun, the girls did an activity called “Fun with Peter”.  This is where one of our program staff come and ask each Mustang Counselor really difficult questions about each camper.  If the staff member gets the answer correctly – they are safe.  If they answer incorrectly the camper gets to cover the counselor with a variety of messy items including: raw eggs, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and much more.  It is a hilarious activity that ends with the counselors covered in everything but the kitchen sink!

This afternoon the girls will be heading back to the barn.  Later on they will also enjoy a night swim for a relaxing cooling activity before bedtime!  Everything is going great and all the girls are fabulous!



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