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Mustang: Waterfront, EVR, Riding and More!!

More fun filled days here in Mustang Village, we have barely had a minute to sit down!

The girls have been improving their riding in leaps and bounds! All of them have had a chance to trot, which is epic!! Their control is great and concentration is phenomenal!! Very proud instructors and counselors! They have all also got such a great bond with their horses, its amazing to watch!! Today they will be doing a special trail ride as their treat for the last day! Trail rides are always fun around here because the scenery is so spectacular!!

Other interesting things that we have been up to this week, include, going over to East Valley for the evening for dinner and seeing their High School Musical drill team!! They have also been enjoying waterfront a lot this week, especially the trampoline!!

The girls really enjoyed playing tether ball and also dressing up the other evening. Dancing also seems like a favored activity among most of them!!


Tonight as their last night treat, we will be having an ice cream party…but shhh it’s a secret!!

Kayleigh (Mustang VC)




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