Mustango learn to fly!

Howdy Everyone,

Happy 4th of July!! I hope that you are all enjoying the sun and festivities.

The campers have particularly been enjoying waterfront over the last few days due to the warmer weather! They are loving the trampoline and the inflatable slide, as well as shooting the water guns at their counselors! 

Yesterday after waterfront the campers got to participate in one of our ropes activities called flying squirrel which is when a team of their bunk mates pull a rope that they are attached to the other end of in a harness and it pulls them up into the trees so they feel like they are flying! They all loved it!!

The campers are really progressing with their riding and really liked playing a game yesterday called ‘The Cliff game’ which works on their horse control, steering and listening. They have to stop when the instructor says there is an imaginary cliff coming up, they have to steer around obstacles and they have to duck when the instructor says there is an imaginary low branch. There was lots of giggling, happy faces and well controlled horses, when I was watching their lessons which is great to see.

For evening program yesterday the campers participated in a game with the rest of Wawa (younger villages on camp), in a camp game called USB (Ultimate Sicko Ball). This is a camp tradition that has been played for years and was one of my favorites when I was a camper! It involves the campers splitting into 4 color teams on big tree field and the aim is to steal balls from other colors and bring them back to your base. They had a great time and really enjoyed hanging out with the other villages. 

This morning they are at waterfront and will be going to play soccer and make friendship bracelets afterwards! Lots of them have dressed up for the 4th of July today too! 


I hope you are all enjoying the photos on Smugmug, look out for the next blog post coming soon…

The answer to the riddle in the last post was:

‘The horses name was Friday!’

Today’s joke:

A horse walks into a store one day.

The store manager says, “Hey.”

The horse says, “You read my mind!”

Have a great afternoon!



Kayleigh Gorman

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