Mustango meet the Horses!

Howdy Everyone,

Hope you are having a lovely start to your week! We have had a busy few days here at Frost Valley! 

The kids all had fun settling into their bunks and meeting their cabin mates on Sunday. Sunday night was the LAST OPENING CAMPFIRE of the summer! Counselors from each village perform a skit or a song so that everyone gets to see who they are. The Mustango (Mustang and Durango) staff did a very funny skit which all the kids loved.

On Monday the campers all had their waterfront orientation and swim checks to assess which sections they can swim/boat in. They then played name games and learned mustangs cheers for ‘hoopla’ (which is where each village sing and chant at each other in a competition to be the loudest and most excited village!!). 

In the afternoon on Monday the campers all had their First Ride, so our barn manager Quain could match them with their horse for the next 2 weeks. The kids all rode beautifully and have now been assigned their horse buddy, which they are all very excited about. They get to help us, groom, tack and feed them as well as riding them every day in the arenas and on our trails!

Yesterday Mustang did Low Ropes in the morning, which is a great team building activity and takes a lot of balance! Durango got to give out Y shaped climbing tower a go! I was very impressed with the climbing skills, I definitely couldn’t climb as high as they all got!!

In the evening last night, Mustang took part in Zumba, which I have uploaded some videos of to Smug mug. They were all super sweaty and super happy by the end!! Durango did screen painting, which is where they design a print and get to print t-shirts with it, I am sure you will see these when they get home, they look pretty cool!

Right now the campers are on the way down to the barn to do a hayride along our beautiful Neversink trail alongside the river! Tonight they are playing USB (Ultimate Sicko Ball) which is a camp game that has been running for YEARS (since before I was a camper), it involves the whole of Wawayanda (the younger half of camp) splitting into 4 colored teams (Red, Green, Black and White) and they have to guard/steal balls from other sections without being tagged. We play it on big tree field which is huge, it is A LOT of fun!

Please be sure to check out smug mug as I will be uploading photos to there as often as possible!

Joke of the day:

Q: Why did the pony apply for a job at a restaurant?

A: She wanted to be a horse-tess

Have a great afternoon!


(Equestrian Program Coordinator)


Kayleigh Gorman

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