Mustango Session 3 Begins!!

Howdy Everyone!

It is all systems GO here are Frost Valley’s main barn! Session 3 has begun and is already fun filled and busy!

The campers all enjoyed opening campfire last night, which overlooks the lake at our newly built CIT point amphitheater. The staff from each village get up and do a skit or a song to introduce themselves to everyone, Mustang and Durango (Mustango)’s skit involved pouring water over Hamish (Durango Counselor)’s head…which the kids thought was hilarious…not sure Hamish felt the same! HA HA!

This morning the kids are all at waterfront, enjoying cooling off and taking their swim checks! Tomorrow they are all looking forward to trying out the inflatables (slide and aqua jump) and probably soaking their counselors with the water guns. They are also playing name games and team building activities this morning to get to know their bunk mates better.

This afternoon is their FIRST RIDES!! The kids will all get put into groups and get to show us how they ride so we can match up a horse who’s personality we think would fit them best. They will then have that horse for 2 weeks to help take care of and of course to ride every day! Our barn manager, Quain, has been here a long time and knows all the horses like the back of her hand so I am sure the kids will be happy with their Equine buddies.

Tonight they will be doing ‘Paper bag skits’ as their evening program which involves random objects being used to create plays and skits with their cabin mates…they are usually very amusing.

I will be uploading photos to smug mug later today so keep an eye out for those…sometimes the internet up here in the sticks isn’t so great so apologies if the photos are a little slow day to day.

Joke of the day:

Q: Where do horses go when they’re sick?

A: The Horsepital.

Have a great day!



Kayleigh Gorman

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