Mustango sleep under the stars!!

Howdy Everyone! 

Are you all having a good week?

Mustango have been non-stop since the last blog so there is lots to update you on! Over the weekend the kids got to try out Bareback riding, which is with no saddle!! This is great for their balance and also for them to feel how the horse moves when they are riding. It sometimes feels a bit wobbly and unsteady at first but all of them got the hang of it really quickly and really enjoyed it! It is nice for our horses to not have to carry saddles round for the day too! 

They also played a lot of water games over the weekend, including my favorite ‘Drip drip drop’ which is where they sit in a circle and it is a bit like ‘duck duck goose’ except they drip a little bit of water over the persons head until the chosen one when they pour the bucket over instead. It always ends in a water fight which is great fun! 

Speaking of water, on Monday night we got the whole of waterfront to ourselves for the night to have an ice cream party and a night swim! The kids had the best time playing on the inflatable animals and playing water basketball. As well as perfecting their canon ball skills with the counselors!! They then had ice cream on the beach before heading back for warm showers and bed!

Mustang got to try out flying fish and flying squirrel this week which is where they pull each other up on a harness into the trees, so it feels like you are flying! While they were doing this, Durango got to give our Y Tower climbing wall a go, which they loved!! There are some photos on smug mug of these!

Last night they went to our annual Tokyo night which is where our Tokyo camp host a night of Japanese fun! They have photo booths, snacks, dancing and painting! The kids had the best time…so did the staff by the looks of the photos!!

This morning our usual routine has been switched around a little because of a possible storm this afternoon. We wanted them to get to ride so they have come straight down to the barn after breakfast to have their riding lessons and ground lessons. Their ground lesson today was a non-horse horse show which is where they pretend to be horses and complete an obstacle/show jumping course! All of their lessons are going really well and they are looking forward to their final trail ride tomorrow!

Tonight is the overnight, Mustang head to East Valley Ranch which is our horse program for older girls to sleep under the stars by the horse pasture. Durango get to have their campfire and overnight right here at the barn at main camp! If the weather is bad as predicted, they will have the chance to sleep in the hay loft which has the best view of camp!! We cook pita pizzas and of course have s’mores and campfire stories too!

Joke of the day:

Q: Why did the pony go to the doctors?

A: Because he was a little ‘horse’…

As always I will be adding photos to smug mug and will update this blog as much as possible so keep an eye out.

Have a great day,



Kayleigh Gorman

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