Mustango sleep under the stars!!


Howdy Everyone!

Another few busy days have passed here at the Barn and the session is drawing to an end! I thought it would be the perfect time to update you guys on what Mustango have been up to the last few days.

Over the weekend they got to participate in the all camp activity which was ‘It’s a Small World’, which is where all the international counselors set up tables around Filreis field that represent the country they come from. Each table has activities, games and foods that come from that country and the campers are encouraged to go to the tables to learn about them. The evening was a talent show, staff watermelon eating contest and FIREWORKS for 4th of July! The display was amazing and all of the campers loved them…they also liked that they got to stay up late to watch them!

This week, the campers riding has been improving leaps and bounds, they have been on trail rides, played games and have not stopped smiling throughout their lessons. During ground lessons they have made stick ponies, learned about horse vet care and about horses from around the world!

They have also rock climbed, learned about the frost valley garden and painted rocks to take home to show you all!! They have formed amazing friendships with their bunk mates and will all be sad to leave on Friday, but hopefully excited to see you all!

The highlight of the week has definitely been the overnight. We drove the girls over to East Valley Ranch and they cooked pita pizzas on the grill, followed by S’mores! They then watched the staff riding and playing a game called transitions where the kids shout ‘Trot, walk, canter or stop’ and the counselors have to follow the instruction first or they are out. They slept under the stars near our horse pasture and then had bagels for breakfast before coming back to camp for Waterfront this morning! The boys had a similar night but they stayed over at main camp and camped out behind the barn and really enjoyed everything but mostly the S’mores!!

Keep looking out for those photos on smugmug!

Joke of the day:

What’s a horse’s favorite sport?

Stable tennis.

Have a lovely afternoon!!



Kayleigh Gorman

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