Howdy Everyone!

Apologies for the delay in an update but as I am sure you can imagine, we have been pretty busy here at camp! The kids are all having the best time and are really bonding with their horses! 

Waterfront has been a highlight every day so far, the weather has been great and despite the lake water getting shallower, the kids have not stopped having a great time. They particularly love the new floaties that the lifeguards have provided. There is a giant unicorn, lobster and chicken that have been the focus of many floaty/splashing wars! On that note, Night swim last week was the ‘BEST EVENING EVER’ according to a lot of our campers, they got to enjoy waterfront to themselves and then have an ice cream party on the beach! 

The campers all got to enjoy a trail on Friday, along our beautiful Neversink river. Their riding is all coming along leaps and bounds and it is a joy to watch how happy they are when they master a new skill! There are new photos on smug mug today of their lessons, which I hope you enjoy!

The campers also got to give our Flying Fish and Flying Squirrel a go the other day, this is where a camper in a harness gets pulled up by their bunk mates into the trees so it feels like they are flying! It was great fun!

Durango gave our low ropes course a go and were very good at working as a team during this. Mustang got to try the Y Tower climbing wall and all did great!

On Saturday the kids got to try bareback riding, which is without a saddle. This is a great way for the kids to practice their balance, core strength and also to feel how the horses move beneath them. After this we went creeking in the river, did tie dye, face painting and had a round pen demo! Horses are herd animals and quite often have a ‘top horse’, in our case that’s Kane, which means all the other horses are submissive to him. The purpose of round pen is not only to build a strong bond with your horse, but to also establish who is in charge between you and the horse. The activity involves going into the round pen with a horse with no halter on, the person will stand in the middle holding a lunge whip (which does not touch the horse), it is used as an extension of their arm. The person guides the horse around the pen, occasionally changing the direction of their trotting, until they show signs that they are listening (licking and chewing, bowing their heads and turning their ear towards the person in the center). The person then places the whip on the floor and turns their back to the horse. The horse should then approach the person and follow their exact steps wherever they walk. This is called ‘join up’ and means that the horse trusts you, has created a bond and also respects you as dominant. 

In the evening on Saturday we had a giant dance party…I have put some videos on Smug mug for you to enjoy!

On Sunday, it was our sessionly theme day which this session was ‘Hirdstock’ which is a spin on Woodstock festival, where there is peace, love and music on our hird field. Some of our campers even performed at the talent show!

Today the kids had a great time playing theater games with our Durango counselor Jacob.

Tonight Mustang are doing Pottery and Durango are doing bouldering and a cable bridge hike!

Joke of the day:

Q: What do you call 2 horses on a putting green?

A: A horse and a horse on a golf course, of course!

Keep an eye out for more blogs and photos coming soon!

Kayleigh Gorman


Kayleigh Gorman

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