3 canoes on lake cole

Mustangs been so creative!

The weekends change slightly for Mustang but in the best way. Saturdays are much more relaxed. We spent the morning down at the barn. Normally we would play water games but it was quite cold! So the girls spent their morning making their own stick ponies. They added yarn for a mane, some even had beads. Some of the girls even made bridals and reigns out of yarn. So creative. During the time the girls were making their stick ponies, we asked them to think of a name for their ponies and what kind of traits they would have and what breeds they would be. Some sounded just like the horses they ride, others were completely out of the box! After they were all finished we made an assault course for them to “ride” their ponies around, following the traits that they explained. Some hated water, some were naughty and kicked buckets, and some even stopped and ate. It was awesome to see the girls come into their own ideas and act it out!

After lunch and rest hour the girls went back to the barn for bareback day! Riding bareback is a great opportunity for the girls to really feel how horses move and focus on their balance! Mustang did amazingly and everyone loved it! Whilst some rode the others were able to do show grooming. Some real time to spend on the ground with the horses grooming them and braiding their manes and tails. Once all the lessons were over, we have face painting! Kids have the craziest ideas! Two girls had burgers and fries painted on their faces and others had unicorns! It was a bit messy when we realized that it was eat with your face night! Every Saturday we have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and the rule is no utensils! Eat with your face! As you can imagine, it got very messy! Our evening program was Ultimate Sicko Ball (USB). This is played with the whole of Wawayanda on Big Tree Field. This is a game just like capture the flag on a huge scale. Each color team has to retrieve balls from the other teams bases and bring them back to their own base. If they are caught by another color, they must remain in their jail until someone from their team high fives them! It’s great to see the whole of Wawayanda running around the field! This definitely tired out the girls and they fell asleep so fast!

Sunday was theme day! This years theme was Pokemon! After the new game Pokemon Go! came out last year, everyone at camp was obsessed! the girls spent the day exploring camp and finding Pokemon and playing games. In preparation for the day, Mustang made their own Pokeballs out of paper mache!

Rain, rain, rain! Today it has rained all day! But the Mustang girls are powering through. This morning they still went to waterfront and then spent some time in the theatre with Harry and designed some comic books about horses. Again, we loved how creative all the girls got and it was nice to be inside! The girls are just finishing up in their lessons and are having the best time. Weather permitted they are planning to climb the Y tower tonight! Let’s hope the rain can hold off!


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