3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang’s Last Full Day

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity.  Every group trotted and the girls have been really working hard at building their riding skills.  They are very excited for today’s trail ride along the Neversink.  This scenic trail parallels the Neversink River for over a mile as it winds through the woods.  This is where girls put their new riding skills to the test as they navigate through the forest. 

Last nights campfire was full of laughs, skits, and songs.  Many girls really came out of their shell to share with the group around the warm flames of the fire.  Everyone is excited for tonight’s evening program.  It is a challenge night between the Mustang Campers and the East Valley Ranch Campers.  It should be a night to remember filled with games, competitions, face painting, song, and much more.  Which valley will win bragging rights as the winning valley of Session A???  Check with your camper tomorrow morning at check out to find out and let them tell you all about it!



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