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Olympix is here! Mustang has finally been able to participate in the all camp! The Olympix runs on Sunday and Monday of the session and as Mustang ride on Mondays, we never thought it was fair to have them miss out on this. But this year we figured things out so they can do both! Sunday’s participation was amazing. All campers are separated into different countries. This year we have our hosting country as Japan. The participating countries are Italy, Uganda, Jamaica, Scotland, Columbia, India, Mexico and Canada. The preparation that has gone into these two days is immense. Every camper and every staff member has a customized t shirt that corresponds with the country they are assigned to. Sunday was all about preparation and learning chants! The team spirit is incredible and the Mustang girls are so happy that they are a part of this. Normally on Monday they would just have a normal day where they have other activities but we wanted them to be a part of this day. So we thought, why should they miss out!? So instead of spending the whole afternoon down the barn, they are just heading down for their riding lesson to then be able to head straight back into the Olympix activities!
Today started off so rainy but every single village gathered out on Filries field to get into their Countries. There were Olympic songs playing, chanting, people running around with flags and the rain did not stop them in the slightest. There has been so many activities in the groups and everything is to do with the Olympix games. We had face your fear activities, Game shows, three legged soccer, vertical play pen, capture the flag dodgeball, the orchard challenge rap battle challenge and even a boat battle. Every activity uses everyone in each country to help win in the challenges and games. Olympix is an awesome way for the whole of camp to integrate. A mustang are slightly segregated in the afternoons, due to riding, so we thought this would be a great chance for us to get involved even more! Today Mustang went down to the barn for one hour, after rest hour to ride, they then went straight back to their countries to continue their day.
The closing ceremony for Olympix is beautiful. All the countries sat together around a flaming torch that was lit on the Sunday. A few prizes are awarded to the best countries and there is a lot of singing and chanting the whole time. As you can imagine, this was a very long couple of days for the girls but I think our evening activities tomorrow will help relax them for the rest of the week! Did someone say facials?


Chantelle Brooks

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