Our horses LOVE the rain at EVR!

Hello, Friends and Family of our East Valley Ranch campers!

Sorry for the delay in photos and our blog, we have satellite internet over here and when it rains it takes a very long time for everything to load! BUT, we needed the rain!! AND now the sun is shining over our beautiful Catskill Mountains.

The girls have their horses and are continuing to progress throughout their lessons. Even though it has been raining, we have still managed to get our girls riding their horses every day. They are also learning ground lessons such as vet care, gaits and footfalls, breeds and colors and horses’ careers. Maybe your child will come home wanting to be a vet!

The girls have also been cooling down at our waterfront, and have gone boating in the pond and learned how to do archery! We had a few bullseyes!

We have had a few storms which the girls all found very exciting to watch from inside our lodge. While stuck inside, we did a whole camp game and played Shark Tank, or Dragons Den as our international counselors know it as. The girls were split into groups and had to go and find an object in the lodge. They then had to make up a purpose for their object, and pitch it and sell it to the judges, who would invest in their new creation. We had crocs which were called “Holy Molys” and worked as showerheads or plant pots. We had a “Mute Mote” which was a TV remote that could mute whoever they wanted to mute, rewind, pause, and fast forward time, and many more creations.

The girls also did a “Trashion Show” where they dressed each other up in any recyclable trash that they could find and then strutted their new outfit down a catwalk.

Right now, I am watching the girls ride their horses, all comfortable and getting the hang of everything! They are also going creaking today and hanging out with each other! Tomorrow is bareback day, where they will ride their horses without saddles, and then they have wacky water Saturday in the afternoon, where they play water games and slip n slide.

I hope you are all well! Keep checking in on Smugmug for more photo uploads!


Laura Stirling

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