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Overnight!!!! and theatre update!

We’re about to head out for our Overnight!!!  We’ve been having a great time but before we go I wanted to share some thoughts from one of our counselors – Kris, from Scotland.  I’ll have a ton of photos to post tomorrow when we get back – so keep checking in on SmugMug!



Hello all,

I just wanted to put up a quick note to say how well all of your children are performing and enjoying our daily classes. I teach several classes and witness many of your children having fun and really enjoying themselves; and  have to say that I am honored to be a part of their two weeks here at Farm Camp. I teach Theater class from Monday to Friday every week and I have already been majorly impressed with the kids attitudes and levels of participation in class. They all seem to enjoy performing and getting up onstage to show their friends their performance skills.  Moreover, for such complex activities- such as character development- the kids seem to have no problem comprehending the skills and articulating them. I have, in the past, worked with children in theater;but never have I seen such enthusiasm and ability at such young ages to come out with such original and creative material. Indeed the Farm Camp children we have had the pleasure to work with in both sessions so far are showing fantastic levels of maturity, development and above all are showing clear signs that they are having fun!!


Kristopher Kimmett



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