Our campers are settling into the daily routine, and are becoming chore masters! Although chores are a large part of the Farm Camp experience, signing up for other activities is also an essential part of this camp.

Yesterday, campers signed up for their first round of Specialty courses. Specialties are an exciting opportunity to engage with a particular interest for a full five days. Our specialties include: Barn, Garden, Dance, Theater, Arts and Crafts, and even one based on Ghost Busters!

Today, campers have done everything from board games to boating and croc races to soccer. Despite the rain, our campers enjoyed playing outside in the Gaga pit. Tonight, our campers will be playing Beat the Clock Charades. In yurt groups, they will compete against each other in a giant game of Charades, which is timed by our game master! As the weather is clearing up this evening, we look forward to playing this game outside!

Shine On,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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