Welcome to session one!!! It has officially begun and Camp Henry Hird is thriving.

Yesterday and today, our first two Counselor in Training groups headed out for their five day hikes. They are all out in the woods enjoying fresh mountain air.

PAC and Windsong villages started their two day hike this morning, and ended their days with personal pizzas cooked over a campfire.

Tacoma and Lenape hosted their first Challenge Night of the summer! Challenge Night is a Frost Valley staple and involves challenges from finding the stinkiest shoe to doing the most authentic counselor impersonation.

Sacky and Hemlock played their first game of Geronimo. Geronimo is also a Frost Valley staple. It is a game that has some resemblance to musical chairs…only more complicated, more fun, and lead by our favorite FV alum, Al!

We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the last two days as much as we have.


(Featured photo: Windsong village, moments before heading out for their two day hike)

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