Sunday is a special day at camp for many reasons. Campers have the chance to sleep in, eat ice cream sundaes for brunch and rest for two hours. But, this Sunday was particularly special at the farm because it was our Harvest Day.

Something we love about Farm Camp is having the opportunity to eat what we grow in our garden and the cattle we raise. Today, we chose to celebrate our farm to table attitude and our favorite core value, stewardship, by challenging each yurt to create a dish to bring to our Harvest Dinner Potluck. Campers made kale chips, sautéed green beans, gnocchi, meat sauce, pesto, salad, salad dressing, Cole slaw, bread and berries with cream desert. The best part, all the food was farm fresh. We enjoyed this food in the sun, outside and all together.

Today was a great day not only because we made great food or learned more about farm fresh cooking, but because we had the opportunity to truly come together as a community. I can’t imagine a better way to transition into the last week of the session.


Shine On,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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