I visited the Farm yesterday—to lead another Farm-wild-style game of Geronimo (the legendary elaborate chair game). What fun! Then joined them for another delicious Farm lunch. Here are some photos.

Aoife, proud F.I.T.*, has set the tables while we were all outside playing Geronimo. Thanks, Aoife [* Farmer{=counselor}-in-Training]

In the middle of the game, a group of 8 CiTs and their CIT coordinators, Pat (white shirt and bandana) and Elodie (cooking) arrived from their multi-day hike. They were wet and exhausted, and happy and proud. They immediately set to cooking “brunch” (as they styled it): griddlecakes cooked in a pan over a propane stove. Can you see from the photo how hungry they are? Welcome home, people!

Maya played the game hard but not a trace of grass or dirt on her sweatshirt! Her hands are washed and she’s ready for lunch. I showed this pic to her mom and she was thrilled to see such a smile! Camp’s fun.

Brother and sister farmers!

Nicky Macy, Farm Director, has a few announcements before lunch gets started.

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