Our Adventure Trips are off! Maine Coast left yesterday to save themselves some driving time; after a night at a Boston Campground, they are on their way to Maine! The rest of our trips left early this morning, traveling to the Habitat for Humanity site in the Catskills, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and the Long Trail in Vermont. We are so excited for them, especially after getting to know all of them during our entertaining Opening Campfire on Sunday and a day of packing out and team building yesterday. I already saw some new friendships beginning, and lots of warm laughter.

From here on out, no news is good news for these trips; many of them will be off the grid. Therefore, apart from a nightly GPS check-in, we’ll expect to talk with the kiddos again when they step off the bus–smelly, maybe a little more covered in trail-dirt, and grinning hugely–on next Wednesday or Thursday!

Look for a mid trip blog later in the session! MVIMG_20180731_095637_1.jpg MVIMG_20180731_061349_1.jpg MVIMG_20180731_060833.jpg

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Tori Staley

Tori is one of the Trips Logistics Coordinators overseeing the trips going out this summer. This is her third summer working at Frost Valley and in the Adventure Department. She just came from leading trips in Colorado and is excited to facilitate adventure, wilderness exploring, and growth this summer!

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