Yesterday Adventure Village really embodied our vibe of getting comfortable being silly and having fun! They started the day off with an activity called “The Council” which involved some gentle pranking and running around camp. We also perfected our tarp skills (the counselors checked on the durability of the skills by pouring water over the tarps!) and after lunch we mainstreamed with STEP to build some woodland shelters.

We also got nice and cooled off while exploring our backyard creek, and then we had a wild and adventurous game of Wells Fargo (a modified capture the flag) in which Hemlock village joined us.

Today, the campers have been true adventurers, journeying out into the rain to do their day hikes. They came back a bit early, wet but happy and ready to eat and get warm. We’ll share more about that tomorrow!

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Tori Staley

Tori is one of the Trips Logistics Coordinators overseeing the trips going out this summer. This is her third summer working at Frost Valley and in the Adventure Department. She just came from leading trips in Colorado and is excited to facilitate adventure, wilderness exploring, and growth this summer!

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