The village is settling into the routine of camp now and coalescing as a group nicely. We have a lot of newcomers this session which is really exciting for us. We started activities off yesterday with a lesson in fire building, an Adventure tradition. We definitely have some budding fire starters! We also got oriented to the waterfront, which was a nice break from the heat. Finishing off the night, we played some French Revolution; a mix of hide and seek, capture the flag, and tag!

Today we’re learning some tent set ups, running an activity with MAC, and hopefully trying out some of our newly learned cheers during lunch. It’s the start of a great week!

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Tori Staley

Tori is one of the Trips Logistics Coordinators overseeing the trips going out this summer. This is her third summer working at Frost Valley and in the Adventure Department. She just came from leading trips in Colorado and is excited to facilitate adventure, wilderness exploring, and growth this summer!

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