Today was another fun filled day in adventure camp with activities to suit all campers. Today campers took part in Geronimo a get to know you game ran by Frost Valley alumni Al Filreis, Paint twister, creeking, waterfront and some educational activities such as gardening where camper learn how to plant and care for homegrown fruit and vegetables, they then went to incredible edibles where they get to prepare and cook fresh healthy meals from start to finish, given them good food and a good sense of accomplishment. Some of the older campers in the village got to step up and lead hard skill classes to Sacky a younger female village on camp, this is where adventure camper teach other the useful and essential skill they need to succeed on an over night or mini trip. This is a great opportunity for adventure campers to take a leadership role on camp and give them a feel for the work their counselors do here at camp.

Tonight Adventure Village and joined force with STEP and left the comforts of the Dinning Hall to grill their own meal. STEP stands for Supportive Training Employment Program and is a part of the MAC program. This is the Mainstreaming at Camp program where campers with developmental disabilities come to camp and join the Frost Valley community. After cooking up a storm both villages hung out, played some field games, and danced till they could dance no more.

IMG_6782 IMG_6779

Right now they are making their way to bed so they can get some rest so they can do it all over again tomorrow.


Happy Trails.


Assistant Adventure Director

Russell Frisch

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Russell Frisch

Russell started his time at Frost Valley as a camper in Forest Village in 2005 and has been here ever since. He was a camper in Adventure Village, Farm Camp, and on Teen Adventure Trips before becoming an AiT and eventually a staff member in Adventure Village. He worked as the Village Coordinator for Adventure Village before working as the Assistant Adventure Director for two summers. He is very excited to be working as Adventure Director for the first time this year.

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