Here at Frost Valley we create opportunities and adventure is one of them, trips to be precise. The past day the brave and eager individuals destined for the Maine Coast prepared for their trip.  The morning consisted of food pack out and gear pack out; each a necessity in order to sustain the trip in their excursion.  That afternoon the group became tight knit through team building. By learning the strengths and weaknesses of each other, with the guidance of the trip leader,s they can develop a positive trip environment.  Following this, the group created goals as a team and individuals to accomplish throughout the 9 days.  The evening ended with an opening campfire as they were briefed in a reading about expedition behavior.  Qualities of this are representative of a great leader which we hope each participant will gain along the way if they don’t possess them already.  As the fire settled to ash everyone took to their beds for a good night rest and the forth coming day on the road.  We look forward to the stories, challenges, and lessons the trip comes to own throughout this session. The spirit of adventure is alive in the hearts of these young individuals and we will notice the growth when they come back. You will hear from us again midway when the climbing anchors have been taken down and the kayaks are ready to take off.

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Tori Staley

Tori is one of the Trips Logistics Coordinators overseeing the trips going out this summer. This is her third summer working at Frost Valley and in the Adventure Department. She just came from leading trips in Colorado and is excited to facilitate adventure, wilderness exploring, and growth this summer!

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