After making it through the overnight across Doubletop Mtn and down High Falls, that Thursday night was pretty chill.  We had a grill out, the girls put mud masks on everyone (gotta exfoliate), and we calmed down the end of the day with devo.  Friday was somewhat relaxing, but we did have an adventure.  We did about a 5.5 mile hike that included going to the top of Red Hill fire tower.  Visually, it is amazing to see so much of the Catskill Mtns from one single point.  The hike was a pretty slow pace with quite a few stops.  We want our young survivors to see as much as they can without using up all of their energy.  Saturday (today), the campers are zip lining, climbing, and doing some team building activities.  It will be a fun and exciting day, but more importantly…   they will get a chance to have a proper shower today.   And WOW…  do they need it.   Check out more photos to be posted soon.

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