Session 4 in Adventure Village is off to a great start. On Sunday night we rang in the final session of the summer with our opening campfire under the stars, complete with songs and new friends galore! Monday and Tuesday have been packed full of fun, challenging ourselves, and getting to know other campers. A few highlights include learning to build fires safely and effectively, and splashing in the water with new friends during creeking and waterfront. Tonight we are out playing a favorite Adventure game, Wells Fargo, which is similar to capture the flag, but a little more complex!

Tomorrow we are heading out into the woods for our all-day hikes. There is one hike heading to the farm, another hike walking along our favorite creeks, Pigeon and Biscuit, a hike heading up Giant Ledge with beautiful views awaiting, and one to Slide Mountain, the tallest peak in the Catskills! Stay tuned for pictures.

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