The past two days at farm camp have been an absolute blast.

Yesterday, we squeezed both specialty periods in the morning in order to play the epic game of Popcorn King in the afternoon. Popcorn King is a camp wide game in which campers are challenged with the task of making creative popcorn combinations. The campers got to use materials like: marshmallows, chocolate syrup and even mustard. It was a fun afternoon for our campers-and the popcorn treats were an added bonus.

Today we ended our specialties on a high note with a debate between Advanced Garden and Barn about Local vs. Organic farming. The whole camp attended the debate, it was quite the educational experience! Campers today also had the opportunity to go to waterfront and pack up to go home tomorrow.

We ended the evening with our closing campfire. It’s always bittersweet, because we love seeing the campers sing and perform in skits-but it just makes us sadder that the session is ending!

Shine On,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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