So, our young survivors made it out of the woods today.  We overcame a several mile hike through the dense wild, an overnight in homemade shelters, and an exciting rappel along side a waterfall.  Back at the BG base camp is where we will lay our heads tonight.  Everyone is tired and kinda hungry, but we made it through as a team.  We made it through together.  Tonight will be some cook out with burgers and dogs, a closing campfire, and preparation to return back to civilization.  We reflect on the fact that we have gone a week without phones, computers, and TV.  We will leave proud, knowing that we learned new skills, made new friends, stared this week’s challenges in the face, and conquered them as a team.  Our heads are up and our confidence is high.  However, a nice big meal that doesn’t involve worms or bugs sounds wonderful.   Thank you, families, for being a part of Frost Valley YMCA and the Bear Grylls Teen Survival Camp.

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