After learning our fire, water, and knife safety on Sunday, Our young survivors bedded down for the night in the yurts.  Yesterday (Monday) was the beginning of their more dynamic skills learning.  Your campers went through instruction on packing their rucksacks for an overnight, daytime navigation, hazardous water crossing (simulated-the water was below their knees), shelter building, and had dinner over the fire.  They slept in the shelters that they build themselves.  They return on Tuesday (today) for a short rest, before starting “Mountain Day”.   Today they learn map/compass skills, ropes skills for rappelling and a fun tyrolean traverse (rope crossing upside down) and a good amount of scrambling up and down some pretty awesome rocky areas.  The young survivors also learn about how to properly use harnesses and helmets, as they are on secure ropes for these activities.   No worries, moms and dads.   pics to come soon.

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