Our young survivors have come together so well.   They started their experience by learning lessons such as fire building, water purification, shelter building, and small game processing.  They all slept in their natural shelters overnight.  It was a little rainy, but they all battled through it with good attitudes and teamwork.

Yesterday was their “mountain day”.  This consisted of learning to read maps and compasses, their pacing for distance and time, and navigating up and down a fairly difficult ridge.  They all had an opportunity to rappel, go across the tyrolean traverse, and finishing with our commando crossing.  This is a 1 rope bridge crossing.  Again, our young survivors battled through it together successfully.

Today was the start of their survival overnight.  Using the skills that they have learned over the last couple days, they will navigate through the Catskill forest using only a map and compass, build shelters again, and make their way to their “rescue point” and a waterfall that they rappel down.  Their skills, attitude, and personality have really made for a great group of young survivors.

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