They did it…!  Your young survivors made it out.  The weather overnight was very cooperative.  It was cooler, but they were all nice and toasty in their bags.  They had their opportunities to challenge themselves with the high falls rappel.  Many of them discovered small and large fears of heights.  We let them know how healthy it is to have fears and be able to recognize them.  That is the only way that you will know how to overcome them.  They all have great attitudes and have been asking tons of questions about the 2 week BG Teen summer camp program next summer.  We would love to see them all back for another session.  This is a cool group of young men.  Tonight we are having a big cookout with burgers, dogs, watermelon, ice cream, and earthworms….     OK…  no earthworms.

Myself, the staff, and the rest of Frost Valley YMCA are proud of these young men.  Congratulations to them on surviving the week.

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