Well….   we did our best to make it an interesting blend of rain and sunshine for our young survivors.  Just enough to make it nice an sticky outside.  Monday was a review of our lessons from previous camps.  We did an overnight in some homemade shelters, that did not hold up so well to the storm.  I think that we all learned a bit from that night.  We had some rabbit for dinner with some pasta, and made it through the night.  Tuesday (today) was our mountain day.  We reviewed our methods for scrambling, climbing, rappelling, and dynamic ways of getting from point A to point B.  They all did very well, and I think they will sleep well tonight.  We do another overnight tomorrow.  This trek will involve quite a bit more distance and altitude gain.  It will be a fun challenge for our team of young survivors.  More photos to come and check out the existing photos.  The Adventure continues….  

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