Our young survivors came together quite well.  We have 6 young men that joined us for this week.  That is an awesome number, because we are able to do some customizing of the program.  Our campers get a bit more one on one instruction with the counselors.

The first night, our campers stayed in the yurt.  They learned fire building skills and water purification.  The counselors made dinner and then bedded down for the night.

Monday brought on some exciting lessons.  Shelter building, small game processing, other wild edibles, and some wilderness games filled the day.  Our young survivors stayed in their homemade natural shelters for the night.  Unfortunately, they were surprised with some lovely rain through the night.  Waking up to wet sleeping bags and water-logged shelters was not fun.  But, they all battled through it like champs and got a fire started early in the morning to start drying out their gear.

Tuesday is our exciting and dynamic mountain day.  Campers learn to do map reading, use a compass, scramble up and down rock faces, manage through our “tyrolean traverse”, and finish strong with our commando crossing.  Dinner tonight is pizza over the fire.  They all seemed excited to not be having rabbit.

Wednesday marks the beginning of their survival overnight.  The skills that they have learned since their arrival, will come into play for this trek.  With their maps, compasses, food, water, and attitude….  they will navigate through the wilderness to find their rescue point…..   at the bottom of a quick moving waterfall.  Again, their newly learned skills will prove to be quite useful.

This is an awesome group of young survivors.  I know that they are going to do great on the Trek.


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