The Hird had a wonderful weekend full of imagination and ice cream. We didn’t let the rain bring us down. We danced in the dining hall, and splashed in puddles! Some weekend highlights:

Plateau: participated in a ‘Parent Trap’ theme day. They reenacted the fencing scene with a game involving pool noodles. To be honest, we really dated ourselves with this one as so many of the campers had never seen this classic camp film, but fun was still had all around.

Wittenberg: embarked on a ‘Bandit’ theme day. They had to complete tasks and navigate scavenger hunts in order to catch the ‘wanted’ criminals. Some of the challenges included tasks such as convincing the ‘wanted’ criminals (directors) to say random phrases.

Graham: celebrated ‘Sadie’s Bday’ theme day in honor of a counselor’s birthday earlier in the week. The whole day was a big party with cake and singing and dance parties. Campers got to build their own goody bags and make fun posters.

Peekamoose: navigated an ‘Adventure’ theme day involving all sorts of adventurous activities. The day included archery, fire building, hiking, and other shenanigans. Campers definitely enjoyed channeling their inner Peter Pan!

Hunter/ Slide: created their own world during a ‘Behind the Scenes’ theme day. They built a set and put on a camp production.

CiT Groups: finished a productive week of training and began their in-cabin experiences today. For the next few days, CiTs will spend their time shadowing counselors and acting as third counselors in various cabins around camp. This experience is often the most rewarding part of their month.

We hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


[photo: campers dancing the Cha Cha Slide during a storm in the dining hall]


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