We had perfect sunny weather at camp today! Campers in Lenape, Mac Girls, Mac Boy had a blast playing Marquezcart. Marquezcart is a game that was created by one of our staff members, Marquez it is very similar to Mario Cart. Below is a picture of campers racing to the finishing line to be the winner of the game.

Tonight Pac, Windsong, Tacoma, and Lenape are enjoying their overnight. They are having a great time making pita pizzas and roasting marshmallows for their s’mores.  The picture below is of a Lenape camper getting ready to roast the perfect marshmallow for his s’more. They will all enjoy a beautiful night of sleeping under the stars. While villages were enjoying their overnights Sacky was having a relaxing spa themed night and Hemlock was having a great barbecue!

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