What a wonderful Saturday we had here today! It was the first day in almost 3 days without disrupted sunshine and we couldn’t have been more happy about it!

We did our best to appreciate all the beautiful rays the sun was able to provide us with! I caught up with Hemlock as they honed their lacrosse playing abilities. 

Sacky village had a you only live once theme day today, which involved mostly doing wacky activities of all varieties around camp! They choreographed a dance so that throughout the day they would just show up to other villages activities and bombard them with their incredible dancing abilities. They also “pranked” all of Hird by moving the big cozy chairs from the lower solarium of the dining hall into the main part during lunch. Make sure to ask your camper which part of this theme day was their favorite and share it with us!

Tacoma village had two different theme days in the same day! The morning part from 9:30-12 was themed after the pop musician Kesha – they also choreographed a dance to one of her songs but they performed it in front of the entire Hird during lunch! I was super impressed with their ability to know the dance so well after only learning and practicing it a handful of times! The afternoon theme was traffic – which is just as silly as it sounds! They gave out various “parking tickets” to staff, directors and other campers. Additionally, they turned areas of camp into construction sites in an effort to create small, concentrated areas of “traffic” around camp. They made one entrance of the dining hall a “construction site” and redirected all of Hird to the other entrance, allowing only a certain amount of people in at a time. Super silly and creative in the best way.



Hoping for more days just as sunny, silly, exciting and energetic as today! We’ll keep you posted with all the fun memories we’re creating so keep your eyes peeled!

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