August 3 dawns and session three is in full swing. We weathered some storms yesterday — had fun but most of us got soaked at one point or other. But today? Today came on perfectly: blue skies, warm but not too warm temps, a breeze. The day began spectacularly. I walked around between 7 and 8:30 AM and here are some photos I took then:

The A-team (program counselors) meet in a circle every morning at 8:30 to talk about the day and get in some training and new ideas.

Akilah loved the sunshine as much as I did. She is our director of parent communications. This is her first summer at FV and she comes to us from working in California.

The orchard, garden, greenhouse—with Banks Hill in the background.

Blum House in the dazzling morning sun. You are here with us, Eric.

Well, this photo doesn’t quite belong in this connection. I took it at the end of first activity period—at the end of a Geronimo game with Lenape. Here are some of the Lenape staff.

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