This session I’ve been telling a story about the Forstmann-era “Line Shack,” in part to create interest among campers and counselors in taking hikes to that part of the trails and perhaps even to stimulate interest in villages planning overnights to that site (it’s an excellent overnight site). I then approached the village chiefs of Sacky and Tacoma to see if they could find a few campers who would like to join me on an all-morning/double-period hike to the Line Shack and back. To my delight, 20-some campers responded with interest. With huge enthusiastic interest! We met at 9:30 AM yesterday in Tacoma and each camper got a trail map. We planned two groups—one would get to the shack via Sunrise Trail and the eastern half of the Line Shack trail. The other would go west on Spring Ridge (muddy!) and would join the Line Shack trail coming from west to east. We met up at the shack and the campers were fascinated by the old structure. This was such a success. The girls, at the end, raved about the idea of the double-period hike, and one even said: “Let’s do this again. This afternoon.”

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