I’ve been telling a story this session that is, in part, about a tunnel under Reflection Pond — and there’s a stash of gold coins down there, and you can imagine what else. And in the story I tell our 2017 campers about the legendary Mike Ketcham who in 1961, as a junior counselor, heard about that tunnel and ventured down there to find the gold. At the end of my telling, to each village, I have been saying, with a tone of surprise: “And, do you know what? — this Saturday, this very Saturday, Mike Ketcham himself will be here, and you can ask him in person about this story, and about all sorts of Frost Valley history.” Then Mike arrived (to attend the annual summer meeting of the trustees and luncheon for honorees and guests) and I brought him into the main room of the dining hall and introduced him to everyone. After that announcement Mike was surrounded by campers asking him all manner of questions.

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