The Nachsin brothers, Charlie and Martin, are Frost Valley summer camp mainstays, but they usually are in different parts of camp. So they see each other yet not regularly. But this session Charlie is a camper in Sequoia (the older group of Adventure Village) and Martin is an AiT (Adventure counselor-in-training).  Still not a lot of overlap. Except for Geronimo. The legendary crazily fast chairs-in-a-circle game, which Advill, among other villages, loves to play. When Advill came to the tent for a period of Geronimo, the AiT’s came along, as did several of the Adventure directors. The whole Adventure family.

Thus it was possible for me to call for the Nachsin boys to go a few intense rounds of “Swat.” (Swat is an especially wild and crazy game embedded inside the suite of Geronimo sub-games.) I was able to capture two moments during this fraternal contest with my camera. Here they are:

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