“I’ll buy it for 2.5 million”

“Oh yeah? Well I’ll pay 3 million. I’ll even throw in this ace of hearts I just found on the ground”

“Sold. To the camper in the stripes”

It was 11:38 AM and I had just witnessed two thirteen year-old girls engage in a bidding war over an imaginary mansion that their friend had designed on a blue piece of construction paper. The currency in question? Smiles.

This morning I was no longer Hannah Filreis. Instead, I was Robin Thunder, real estate agent extraordinaire who was on a mission to train the next set of real estate sales people (Sacky cabins 14 and 15). We explored the Castle, came up with our new real estate names (most of them involved alliteration and some form of fruit or food product), designed our dream homes, and talked about the best strategy for selling a home. Then we put our skills to the test and met up with our friends in Sacky cabin 13 for a real estate exchange to remember. I was blown away by the group’s creativity and willingness to be bizarre! It was easily the highlight of my day.

Later, I met up with the rest of the hird at waterfront to cool down after a hot afternoon in the sun. Camp is so great!


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