Friday is here again – we cannot believe how quickly this summer has been whizzing by! The rain held up until the late afternoon, and even cleared up just in time for us to enjoy waterfront. But, you can bet that even in the rain we are having a great time, even if that means being indoors.

We had Tacoma play our version of “Top Chef” here at Frost Valley, which includes campers creating dishes using various food products. This time around we incorporated greek yogurt, tomato sauce, olive oil, pitas, mozzarella cheese, cucumbers, onions, apples and bananas to create our dishes. The first round was our appetizer round, the second our main course and the final course was each groups interpretation of a birthday cake. Being one of the judges, I can say the campers definitely got creative, to say the very least!  

In addition to Top Chef, we had Windsong and PAC doing a wild and wacky session of Zumba! The energy in the room was hypnotic, the kids were loving it! 

We can’t wait to see the fun that continues to unfold over the weekend! Fingers crossed for more clear skies!

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