My once-every-session game of Geronimo at Farm Camp coincides with the usual return of one or another CIT hiking group. They’ve been out for five days or so and have hiked down from the top of Slide Mountain, down to the Denning side of the trail—which emerges at the Tison property and then they walk a few miles west along the East Branch Neversink Road, past our East Valley Ranch, and to Farm Camp. They typically stop at the Farm and hope for some leftovers from yummy Farm lunch, and then they proceed to hike back over Wildcat Mountain, into the West Branch Neversink Valley, where Frost Valley’s main camp of course is located. They will camp on their final night out over there, typically at High Falls, and then make their triumphant re-emergence into camp the next day.

Yesterday was no different. I went to the Farm to play Geronimo and there came the CITs, hiking happily in the sunshine and longing for that good meal. Here are some photos I took of these good moments.

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