Session B CiTs are off to a great start. On Sunday they did a great job helping out with luggage and going through waste stations. training. They were split into four groups and met their coordinators for the summer. For their evening program, CiTs introduced themselves to both Wawayanda and Hird at their respected opening campfires.

Some highlights from the groups:

Frankie/Josh: Went off on the hike on Monday and will be back on Saturday morning. They are currently at the Slide Mount., which is the tallest mountain in the Catskills.

Andie/Claire: Went off yesterday and were in the best spirits ever for the hike. As they started hiking Giant’s Ledge, they performed a CiT cheer. They will be back on Sunday morning, just in time for Sunday Brunch.

Josh/Nell and Nick/Seth: These groups are still at camp currently going through there staff training week, prepping them for their in-cabin experience. They have been doing a great job at waste stations and leading activities. They already have campers running up to them asking if they can be their in-cabin CiT!


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