CiTs who have been on camp, while the other half have been hiking, have been running activities and going through staff training for their in-cabining experience. As they make their way through the in- cabining experience here are some highlights from the past few days.

Nell/Josh: Started the in cabining process today and have been doing a great job. Over the past week, they have had diversity training, learned how to handle homesickness and more. Some of the places they are in cabining are Susky, Forest and Mac Girls.

Nick/Seth: Similar to the other group currently on camp, have been going through the same workshops preparing them not only for being a counselor but also skills that could be used outside of camp. Some of the places they are in cabining are Mini Mac, Mac Boys, and Lakota.

Frankie/Josh: Got back from the hike today! I can tell you that they definitely smelled like they were on a 6-day hike.

Claire/Andie: Still on the hike but get back tomorrow. Please look back on Monday for pictures of them on the hike!


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