This morning myself (Dominic Hunter, Partnerships Director) played Dancehall Dodgeball with Susky. The rules were the same as normal dodgeball but you had to be pulling some great dance moves at the same time! A great time was had by all and the girls throughly enjoyed the activity and they were in fantastic spirits for the rest of the day.

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Ashley is in her third year working at Frost Valley YMCA. Hailing from Co.Waterford in Ireland, Ashley is on an 18 month training visa, working as the Assistant Wawayanda Director in Summer and as a Program Instructor year round. Her background is in digital media with a degree in Digital Media and Communications from the University of Wolverhampton. Ashley found herself working for theater companies and after school programs for youth's and sought some new experiences here in the States that would fulfill her passion for working with young people and in the outdoors.

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