All of EVR had successful overnights! The 4 weekers were surprised when they saw the lean-tos that they could sleep in, yurts 3 and 4 created tarp city (shelters made out of tarps) and yurts 1 and 2 slept under a tarp at the barn! All came back feeling like experts when it came to living in the wild.

Today the girls have deserved a more chill day. They have rode in their lessons, gone boating and learned about horse movement. They have also made up dance routines in their yurt groups for a surprise flash mob.

For evening programme tonight, the girls have a challenge night! They will be split into groups, and each group will fight to win certain challenges, such as best counsellor impression, smelliest sneaker, best vs worst singer, longest hula hooper and much more. The girls will get an early night tonight to be refreshed for tomorrow!


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