On Saturday the girls did bareback riding which was awesome as they learned more about how their horses moved and improved their technique and balance. After their riding, we did activity rotations, so the girls did show grooming, tie dying, went creeking, and had a lip sync battle! That night they had a tie dye dance party to show off their new creations! Everyone got involved in the singing and dancing and a great day was had by all!
We had a very special theme day today. We incorporated our 8 core values into superheros as an evil villain had taken over East Valley Ranch and we needed the help of the superheros to change the villains ways! By the end of the day, the villain turned into a fairy! The girl’s all went off and made a superhero outfit and and a team chant. They also did activities such as blindfolded obstacle course for honesty, creeking for stewardship, made rock pets for responsibility, and low ropes for caring.
We had such an amazing day and hopefully the girls will have learned a lot out of it!
This week we have introduced Specialties. This is where the girls get to decide whether they carry on with their arena lessons, or learn about how to ride trail rides!

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