The first ever 2 weeker overnight was a great success!
Yurts 1 and 2 played chubby bunnies in the barn and the winner got an impressive 9 marshmallows in her mouth! They all found it really exiting to sleep where the horses live during the day and listen to the sound of some of the horses walking around in the back paddock behind the barn at night to fall asleep to.
For yurts 3 and 5, we took a hayride down to the farm, crossed the cable bridge, and set up camp for the night in the woods under tarps. We had a campfire and sang songs and roasted marshmallows. We fell asleep to the sound of the stream running past us and the frogs croaking in the distance. I think the most novel part was that they had to use nature as their restroom!
Today in arts and crafts, the girls had so much fun making fairies. Their creative skills came out as some of them turned theirs into mermaids, little red riding hoods, and cowgirls.
Everyone trotted today! They are all working on riding independently and not following the leading horse. We have been trying each horse as a lead horse to see if the girls can fully control their horse’s movements. All of the girls have been able to keep their horses control and we are so proud of them! It is amazing for our staff to see their determination and enthusiasm get stronger each day! This makes us love our job even more!


Hope all of our campers parents and friends are doing well and having a good summer! 

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