What an amazing first week we are having at Easy Valley Ranch!

On tuesday night the 4 weekers had their overnight. They improved their trail skills riding their horses for 45 minutes up the mountain and through the woods, away from EVR. After arriving at the hay fields they unloaded their saddle bags, turned the horses out and set up camp in a clearing at the edge of the woods. They got to know some of the barn staff better, as they joined them for the night and did devotion with them. We spoke about future plans, things they could not live without, and fond memories. It was a clear night so they fell asleep under a bright starry sky listening to the sound of the horses galloping in the paddock. The overnight was a contrast to the busy atmosphere at EVR which gave the girls the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery around us and reflect on their progress at camp. They are now in preparation for their highly anticipated drill team! This is where they will perform in front of everyone in East Valley, and we send out invitations to directors and staff at main camp as well to come and watch the girls ride in a special performance, this year their theme being Mardi Gras!


For the 2 weekers, we have had a fun filled week! On tuesday night our evening programme was WELLS FARGO!! This is a summer camp favorite with the girls and they’re already asking when they can play it again! It involves two teams, where each team has some gold in each of their banks that the other team can steal and win. However everyone also has a sock attached to them, which can also be stolen, but once you lose a sock, you’re frozen until somebody gives you a sock they have collected back. Everyone loved this game because you can chose a strategy that suits you – meaning everyone got involved and had a great evening of fun!!

The weather has been great, allowing us to play super fun games like kickball and to progress through our riding lessons! The girls have now learned the basics of walking, steering, and their posture! They have loved being able to walk their horses up to the pasture at the end of the day and cleaning up the barn! With the weather being so warm, what better way than to cool off at waterfront?! The girls have loved getting in and building a dam to make the water deeper. Today we will be going creeking!

Today our core value is RESPONSIBILITY. We find this fitting as the girls not only need to be responsible for themselves, but for their horses as well. They are also doing low ropes today! So it is important to look out for each others safety there! Low ropes is also a great way for the girls to get everyone involved and to help each other out!

Tonight, weather depending, we have planned for the 2 weekers to go on a mini overnight! Yurts 1 and 2 will sleep outside of the barn at EVR and sleep under the stars! Yurts 3 and 5 will hike down to the farm and sleep around the campfire there!

Watch out for the pictures that we are uploading everyday! 

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